Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monarch butterflies and stinky boys

I saw my second monarch fluttering past today. That means September and cooler weather is around the corner.

I'm also thankful for the stinky boys clothes I put in the washer today (and thankful for the washer). I'm thankful because the clothes are stinky as a result of running and playing and being healthy boys. As two people I know have young children starting chemo this week, the fact that mine are currently healthy and able to run and stink and be boys is very much present in my mind.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Completion of Eye Therapy

Today ISH was cleared from eye therapy.  February 26, 2010 began this journey of admitting that something wasn't right with his eyes which lead to September 2011 and the start of full-on 1 hour and 20 minutes at home eye exercises 4-5 days a week with 1-2 days in office therapy with Dr. Damon White

There are times none of us wanted to be doing this and times when it seemed like it was never going to end, but today ISH was cleared from therapy.  He has depth perception and his eyes can focus together.  One eye is no longer working while the other rests- they are working together now!

You should have seem the happy dance ISH did when he heard the news (and yes, there were happy dances from mom and dad too). 

As I commented back in April, I'm thankful that while the time and money haven't been fun to spend this way, it hasn't been a burden.  I'm thankful that my mom and MIL kept the therapy going this summer when they had the boys even though summer would have been way more fun without trying to fit the exercises in.  Not to mention the trips down the turnpike this summer just so mom could bring ISH back for his appointments (what a trooper!) And I'm thankful for an understanding little boy who could see the big picture in this- who was willing to do the work and understood that this, while not fun, had life long value.  May he continue to see the value in hard work that is not immediately rewarded.

And I am thankful that, barring changes to his vision that none of us can predict or yet anticipate, he is done!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Prospect of Rain

And not just because we could really use some down here but because the forecast of rain has lead to a cancelled cub scout camp out.  And while this little prego mama was more than willing to sleep in a tent to have shared experiences with her boys, I've got to admit I'm thankful that tonight will involve me and my Tempurpedic.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


She walked in this morning and did her little back-scratch spasm on the floor and then sat up and watched me get ready and I thought- I'm thankful to have her.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summertime and Gentle Nudges

I'm going to blame the perfectionist within me for not writing in a while. Blame that something inside that says to begin again I must account for all 64 days I've missed between now and my last post back in June. But just like I've learned that leaving dishes in the sink does not a wrecked house make, I'll come to peace and say that not listing those 64 days is okay and move on from there.

But I have been thankful this summer even if I don't have a written account for it. I am thankful for the travel I was able to do alone, with LK, and with my extended family. I am thankful for all the new places I was able to see and the memories and pictures I have to remind me of those time.

I'm thankful for the days my mom and my MIL took the boys and spent time with them. We've joked before that we don't parent in the summer and this was a case in point. But I'm thankful that the boys were able to spend time with extended family they don't often see and that I was able to have some downtime, which with the baby on the way, I won't have again for a while.

And of course, I'm thankful that the baby is growing bigger and stronger and that HE will be born sometime between Christmas and New Year. And yes, even though I already have two of them, I am thankful the baby is a boy. I figure there are a shortage of good men in this world and I am thankful I get the challenge to try and raise up at least three of them.

And today I'm thankful for the gentle nudges to write again that have come recently. I had truth spoken over me this weekend that God has given me the gift of story telling. I love that my new friend said that to me and I will keep that truth with me and see this as my story of thankfulness. And for the nudge that came today from someone taking the time to drop me an email encouraging me to pick this up again.

And thankful that this post in and of itself is at least some small triumph over my perfectionist tendencies.