Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Husband

I'm thankful that when I come to him (even before he's had breakfast or coffee) with kitchen sheers in hand (the only thing I could find) and ask if he wants to help me in a "hair cutting adventure."  He not only smiles at me, and not only goes along with it, but does a pretty fair job as well.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Small Victories

I wrote a few days back about my frustrating neighbor and how I'm trying to be thankful for her.  She's forbidden her kids from playing with mine now and it's so hard not feel like she's forming a hate-party when I drive by and see her talking to other ladies in the neighborhood (I know, get a grip right- I'm not that important). But it feels like she might be at least sometimes.

So I've been praying that if talking with her and trying to explain the misunderstanding would be helpful- for God to move in ways I've already seen him do so many times before- to orchestrate an opportunity where I can have that conversation with her.  So far- none has happened (and no, it's not because I'm holding up inside my house avoiding her-- God could fix that too if I was. And I know he would).

But today I was given two small victories in regards to her.

First- at the Y a lady from the neighborhood whom I've never met, that I know to be friends with my neighbor took the time to meet me.  (And nicely meet me at that- not as one meets the enemy in an effort to scout them out).  She introduced her kids to mine and we politely chatted.  I feel like it was God saying- even if she is talking--- not everyone will believe her.  Not everyone will even care for that matter.  (Again, I'm not that important. I know).

Secondly- my dog got out tonight.  She's a good dog, but she's also a stupid schnauzer without a sense of direction so when she's gone- she's gone.  But my neighbor's children- the ones who can no longer play with mine, got her for me and brought her home (well tried to anyway.  They at least cornered her and didn't let her get away).  They were kind and I was (and am) very thankful for their work in not letting her get away.  It seems like a small thing I'm sure, but I feel like it's God letting me know- this too shall pass.

Survival (Wednesday's Post That I Was Too Tired To Write Yesterday)

And really it's more than survival.  I'm thankful for thriving through it all.  Because if you have told me the first day of school all that would transpire this year, I probably wouldn't have believed you.  W

Well, maybe I would, I mean we'd already ridden some pretty rough rides up to August 18, 2011- but I don't know that I would have really gotten it had I been given a preview.

But here we are- the last day of school.  May 23, 2012.  And we not only survived the adventures of the last nine months- but we grew stronger threw them.  We learned how to grieve together and love others together.  We learned so much about ourselves and I learned so much about letting go (a lesson God keeps having to drive home to me "Have you got it now Kate?"). 

I'm thankful for the adventures of the 2011-12 school year- as hard as some of them were.  As gut-wrenching as some of them felt.  Because through them- we have become more of us.  All four of us together.  And LK and I too- closer as a couple.  Closer as a family.

I'm thankful for God being willing to turn this year into beautiful life lessons.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Busy Week

It's been a busy week indeed.  And above all I'm most thankful that while I have been a bit tired here or there, overall I've felt really well which is exactly what I needed for such a busy last-full-week-of-school week.

Monday- LK.  I'm thankful for the many many ways he's involved as a parent.  He's a great father and very much a part of the boys' lives.  Tonight he spent lots of time (after a long and busy day at work) helping Geo study for his EOYI exams. A sweet little memory of them on the couch together studying vocabulary and types of writing.  I am thankful for him and the role he has in our family.

Tuesday- The hard times and God's power in using them.  I met for coffee with a girl today who's going through some hard times.  And while I haven't walked her exact road, she called on me because of the lesson I gave last fall on how God has lead me through difficult times.  I'm thankful that God has healed me from those times, made me stronger and given me boldness to testify about them.  I'm also thankful that this person was brave enough to call out when she needed help.  I believe God has orchestrated this relationship and I'm thankful that I can share my walk with her and thankful for God's willingness to teach me as I walk beside her through this journey.

Wednesday- Unpacking the Boxes class.  It's almost the end of our "Newcomer's" class.  It's a class we offer to church members and community members alike when the move into our community.  We give them suggestions of things to do and see in our town and we give them practical steps they can take as they work through the emotions moving to a new place brings.  But more than that, we also give them our prayers and our encouragement.  Each time I participate in this class I'm reminded how lovely it was for me when we first moved here and thankful for each of the women and their new beginnings in our community.

Thursday- First baby appointment.  Today was my first official doctors appointment.  I'm thankful for my doctor- she's so positive and bubbly.  I'm thankful to have found her and thankful to have her with me through this pregnancy.  I'm thankful all things are going well and progressing along even in their earliest of stages.  And I'm thankful that, while she does reserve the right to change her mind, based on past pregnancies and deliveries- she's given me the go ahead for Brazil!

Friday- A bit of time at home.  Well a bit of time at my parents' home that is (which will always still be home to me).  I'm thankful that LK and Dad were willing to drive 1/2 way to drop me off/pick me up so I could help mom with her Senior Tea on Saturday.  I'm thankful my parents live close enough that visits home (while not altogether that frequent) are easy to achieve when the time allows.  And thankful that I have a great relationship with my parents where going home for a visit is an enjoyable thing.

Saturday- Common ground.  I was blessed today by a conversation with a member at my parents' church who has adopted two children and has two biological mixed in as well.  We were able to talk birth moms, foster children, and adoption waiting lists.  It was such a re-validation of our desire to still adopt even though I am pregnant.  It re-solidified in me the passion, the reasons.  She understood what I mean when I say- we may never be chosen-- but we want them to know we're willing.  I'm thankful that she was running late to drop off the food which made our window of conversation possible.

Sunday- Giving to one another as we've had need.  I gave away many of my maternity clothes because I knew people who needed them.  I had been blessed to have many of mine given to me and so I wanted to share that with others.  I'm thankful that this time around the same kindness has been shown yet again.  And thankful for our Sunday night small group that looks to the interests of one another.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bike Rides

I have to admit I thought this day would never (and I do mean NEVER) come.  I thought by the time Geo was remotely interested in riding a bike he would be old enough to just drive himself there instead. But today, just a mere 24 hours after taking off the training wheels, we were headed to the park as a family with Geo racing ahead and looping back.  Riding fast down hills and zipping around the place. 

But I'm not only thankful that this weekend with both the boys (ISH with his "anything you can do Big Brother I can do better spirit) taking off the training wheels I was able to etch into my mind a memory of the joy of boys on bikes- but I am also thankful for the reminder that Geo will do it in his way and in his time. He was the same with walking, talking, reading, you name it.  When he was ready, he was ready- but don't mention it before then.  I'm thankful that God has created each of my children to be uniquely them.  To be able to (as one dear friend put it) glorify God in a way specific to them.  As no one before has been able to and as no one after ever will.

(and may I reminder to tuck away this sweet reminder so as not to be blown over if, at 25, he comes home engaged having never before been on a date).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother of a Brunch and ...

I'm thankful for year # 8 of the family-wide brunch we call "A Mother of a Brunch."  It's been a fun tradition to get both sides of the family together and eat (and eat and eat) and laugh and be together and celebrate on the moms among us. 

Today I'm also thankful that God was faithful to my request.  I woke up at 7:20 with food still to cook before our 10am feast-call.  But the last week morning sickness has been so bad I didn't know how I would make it cooking while feeling pukey.  So I asked God- God, can you please let me not be sick this morning?  I'll be sick all night if you want, just get me through today.  And I'm happy to report that it's almost 10pm and there have been very few moments of even queasiness today.  Hooray!  I'm certainly thankful for that!

Oh and yes, I did say morning sicknesses.  Which means I'm thankful for one more very big surprise due to arrive December 31, 2012!

(ISH says the picture looks like a nostril!)

My Mom and My Marriage

Thursday May 10- My mom.  I was talking with LK as my parents drove their 1.5 hours home from ISH's school performance having spent more time on the road round trip than time watching ISH, how amazing my mom is.  This isn't one of those socially obligated mother's day posts (that might come Sunday).  But it's one where I'm thankful that my mom takes the time to be actively involved in my kids' lives.  Whether that's 3 hours round trip for a 10 minute Sonshine School moment, or volunteering the their field day, or any of the wonderful ways she participates in their lives (and in mine) even with a bit of distance between us.  I'm thankful that she takes the time and thankful that she is willing to drive here to help make memories with them.

Friday May 11- My marriage.  11 years ago, a Friday actually, at 7:00pm the rain let up and the music started and I walked down the aisle to marry a wonderfully Godly man.  I'm thankful for the way LK encourages me.  For the way he spurs me on to be what God intended me to be.  For the way he supports me and helps me and wants me to succeed in my business.  I honestly couldn't do what I do without his help.  I'm thankful that he takes on the gross jobs at home, like cleaning the toilets and making the bed because he knows I like them done but that I don't want to do them.  I'm thankful that is a great father and a loving, and amazing husband.  I'm thankful for him.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ISH's Postive Eye Check Up

ISH had a re-check with Dr Todd today. Just vision not vision therapy. I'm thankful that things are going well. That at 6 his contacts are still working well. Thankful that we have (do far only lost one). And that from Dr. Todd's perspective things are looking really good.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Community, Time, Phone Calls (and lack there of)

I feel like this last week has been the beginning of the sprint that is the last few weeks of school.  I honestly don't know how it's May 8 and not May 1.

But as life is flying at me full speed- here is my "thankful for"s for the past week.

Tuesday May 1- LK's job.  We attended their annual faculty/staff appreciation dinner tonight.  It is a wonderful community to be a part of.  I'm thankful for the 5 years LK has been able to work there and for the people that encourage him and support him in his job.  (And with the closing remarks my dad gave, I have to add that I'm pretty thankful for him as well.  Yup- my dad's a stud.)

Wednesday May 2- Wednesday mornings.  Every other school day we have to constantly tell ISH- get ready.  Let's go.  We have to get eye therapy in.  And eye therapy is important.  And I'm glad we make time for it.  But on Wednesdays- it's our day off.  And ISH and Geo can take the morning at a more relaxed pace.  And they have time to run around outside before the day starts.  I'm very thankful for Wednesday mornings.

Thursday May 3- We got a call today.  I'm thankful for that.  We got a call that a birth mom is interested in us.  She likes us best.  It's a delicate situation and under contractual obligations we can't actually even say anything in detail about it- but by this time tomorrow we may have (as the boys call it) an a-doc-table baby with us.

Friday May 4- No phone call.  Nothing.  No information from birth mom. No thoughts no tied up solutions.  My phone has been with me all day- but nothing now.  I'm trying to be thankful that I get to go out with LK tonight.  We wouldn't do that if we had just picked up a baby.  I'm thankful we'll spend time together talking and celebrating our soon-upon-us-anniversary.  I'm trying to be thankful and enjoy and live in each moment I have with just the four of us.  And not try to understand where God is leading now.

Saturday May 5- For the E family.  They are part of our small group and have twice now come to the boys' sporting events.  It's nice to be part of this small community group with them and to share the ups and downs of life with them as well as the fouls and trick shots.

Sunday May 6- Fiddler on the Roof.  We went as a family today to see it today (my first time to see it live).  I love this musical.  I love (and have always wanted to play) the role of Fruma Sarah.  But one of the reasons why I think I love the musical is because of the people this musical brings to mind.  I can remember a college student we "adopted" through a church program.  I was, oh 8 or 9 maybe.  Less than 12 for sure.  And we sat in my parents' room and watched it together.  She, a college student, taking time to be with me and tell me all the reasons why this was a powerful story.  And for Sondra, my amazing vocal coach my junior and senior year high school.  The one who coached me on so much more than scales and breathing.  She told me how in college, when her roommates were away, she would turn up her Fiddler record and dance around the house. I'm thankful for the memories of these two lovely ladies.

Monday May 7- Still no phone call.  Still no word.  So today I will be thankful for being able to run in to the grocery and grab all 27 items on my list and be out in less than an hour.  I doubt I would have been able to do that so quickly if there was a new little one in tow with me.  And I'm thankful that the boys and I made slime and that their hands turned blue from the food coloring and that I was there with them- 100% theirs.  This would not have necessarily been had the phone call come.

Tuesday May 8- Being able to go to the Philharmonic with Geo's class (could not have easily done if phone calls had come).  I'll be honest. I've had a few words with God today- why open my heart to this mission!  Why call me down this road! Why bring chances to me that never fully mature! But, I'm trying to not recoil.  I'm trying not to control the situation.  I am instead trying to be thankful.  Thankful for the children I have met on this path.  And how in that moment I was able to care for them.  I'm thankful that on numerous numerous numerous occasions I've been given the chance to pray for a child- by name.  By situation.  Thankful that my faith has had to grow as the majority of those times I've never seen how it's gone.  And so I'm trying to be thankful for the journey.