Tuesday, October 9, 2012

God's care

I had a bit of scare with my pregnancy my last 48 hours in Brazil.  But I am thankful beyond words for my teammates who pulled together and prayed for me while I was off experiencing the joys of a small town Brazilian "hospital."  I'm also thankful for the wonderful hotel staff at the Beach Hotel Cambury who cared for all of us as we were concerned about what this scare meant. I'm thankful that Lisa was on the team- an RN and midwife- who was able to help us have a better handle on what was going on and knew what to do.  And I'm thankful for Becky and Rachel, fellow teammates and Portuguese speakers, who came with us to the hospital so we could communicate.  Thankful too that rules were broken and Lisa and Becky were able to come back with me so I was not alone while at the hospital.

Now being back, having gone to my doctor, having been monitored and release with a "you both look good, just take it easy,"  I'm thankful for God's care through this scare and thankful that both myself and baby are doing well.


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