Monday, March 17, 2014

Grace on Marginless Mornings

I was not looking forward to this morning. Too much packed in. Too much to do that I had not intended on needing to do all at one time but that somehow piled itself up on me anyway. Sneak attack. Then I woke late. Sleepless babies make marginless days even harder. And then I left late. Fitting one more thing in, more peak at a hairstyle gone wrong. One more email sent. One more diaper to change. One-more-things make marginless days even harder still. 10 minutes late and knowing it- praying for grace in the time crunch I created. And it was given. A front row parking spot to make getting two babies and bags and a stroller in to the doctor as on-time as possible. Grace on a marginless morning.


Mark Brewer said...

Sometimes it is little things that stand out in our days. Sometimes the little things we do for others have a huge impact that just ripple forward. Thanks for sharing here.

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