Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3 Gifts Miraculous

Miraculous seems like such a heavy word.  But if I take it down to the "every day" miraculous of life the beginnings of the list would be:

1- Marriage.  I don't know that I'm one who's really "built" for marriage and one who didn't really think marriage would be something I'd do.  But my marriage to LK is, while I'd don't believe in "the one," a miracle from God that I am very much thankful for.

2- Motherhood.  Like marriage I don't see myself as a Susie-homemaker and so motherhood is something that doesn't come naturally to me.  But the miracle of it is how much I enjoy it.  It's a miracle, the whole birthing process and giving life, but more than that it's a miracle to watch the boys as they grow and learn and discover and know that I'm playing a role in their lives.

3- My career.  My job, how I'm able to do it from home, how it's successful, and how much I love it are all wrapped up in the miracle of a job that I found because I was stuck in a horrible job whose only benefit was free breakfast and a free paper (with the want ads included).


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Love you.

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